Children’s Chant

Chant Camp Workshop for Teachers Thursday – Saturday, August 1-3, 2019

Vallombrosa Center, 250 Oak Grove Ave., Menlo Park

Children and teens love to learn to sing the Mass, and we can help you make it happen. The Benedict XVI Institute of the Archdiocese of San Francisco invites teachers, musicians, choir directors, and leaders of sacred music to learn all the essentials needed to lead a chant camp for young Catholics. This three-day course, at the beautiful Vallombrosa Retreat Center, is taught by experienced professional Mary Ann Carr Wilson. Tuition is $300. Join other professionals in learning how to offer a fun, interactive, faith-enriching camp for youth that is grounded in the timeless sung prayer of the Church, Gregorian chant.

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Rose Marie Wong



Please fill out the Help Organize a Children’s and Teen’s Chant Camp form below if you are a Pastor, Parent, Principal, Music Director, or Teacher who wishes to learn how we can help you sponsor a chant camp. Music Directors or Musicians who would like training to conduct chant camps of their own can fill out the Learn How to Teach a Children’s and Teen’s Chant Camp form below. Parents who would like to sign their child up for a chant camp can fill out the Sign Your Child Up for a Children’s and Teen’s Chant Camp form below.



Children’s and Teen’s Chant Camp is a week of summer fun, where children and teens grow in musical skill, confidence, comradeship. They also come away understanding that singing at Mass is a form of prayer—not performance—that can change the world by bringing those who hear them closer to God. In just one week, your children can learn to sing the Mass!  As Stanford Prof. William Mahrt has pointed out, music is a language, and languages are best learned young. Give the children in your family, neighborhood, parish or school the gift of learning Gregorian chant and to the power and the beauty of our Catholic Mass.

With the consent of your pastor, the Benedict XVI Institute will help bring a chant camp to any parish that asks for our help. Schools, music directors, and choir directors are all welcome to join our project. But you don’t have to have a job title to put on a camp. We have also worked with parents who have organized chant camps for their children and their friends’ children on their own. It’s easier than you think with the tools and counseling the Benedict XVI Institute will offer you, including:

“Chant Camp in a Box” – An all purpose curriculum designed to help a trained music director, choir director, or musician teach children Gregorian chant including detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set a camp and recruit to advise the organizers of the chant camp

Online Registration – Sign up children easily online, promote the chant camp to your Facebook friends.

A Trained Chant Camp Music Director – Benedict XVI will help you find and guarantee the minimum salary of a Benedict XVI-trained children’s chant camp musical director, against tuition. Organize with confidence it will happen!

Personal Coaching and Advice – Our experienced chant camp staff can assist in recruiting, administration, publicity and satisfying the regulations of the Church.

Mary Ann directs the youth and adult choirs at St. Anne Catholic Church in San Diego. Both choirs use Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony at weekly sung and solemn Masses in the Extraordinary Form. She has appeared as a soloist with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, the San Diego Symphony and the San Diego Master Chorale. She holds a B.M. and an M.M. from San Diego State University.

The Benedict XVI Institute hosts a national training seminar each summer in the Bay Area to teach music teachers and choir directors how to teach a children’s chant camp. Help us expand the circle of trained musicians who can give the next generation the priceless ability to sing and appreciate the Sacred beauty of the Mass!

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