Sir James MacMillan: “The Arts Open a Unique Window Onto the Divine”

“TheTheoArtistry Festival: Sacred Music for the 21st Century” is a groundbreaking new initiative by the greatest living Catholic composer Sir James MacMillan. On March 4 through 6 in Scotland, the world premiers of six new pieces by younger composers on the theme of the divine encounter in the Bible will take place. Sacred music composer Frank La Rocca will be there to cover the music and the people for Catholic ArtsToday. 

Sir James MacMillan: “It will be interesting to see if the next generation of composers will engage with theology, Christianity or the general search for the sacred. There has been a significant development in this kind of intellectual, academic and creative activity in the last 20 years or so. In the world of theology there is an understanding that the arts open a unique window onto the divine.


Traditions are rivers which run through history irrigating human experience at any given point and if you put a dam in that river, you desiccate life, you stop irrigation, and that was one of the negative fallouts, the negative consequences of revolutionary modernism, that trend to stop the influence of the past. Let’s take the dam away, and let tradition flow. That river is an onward going thing, it has a past, but it also has a future and a present, and it can indeed irrigate human experience at any given time of history.”

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