About Chant Camp Teacher Workshop

In gorgeous Menlo Park this August, all the essentials you need to know to lead a chant camp for young Catholics.

Essentials you need to lead a chant camp for young Catholics

Join us in the Bay Area of California for a four day course, taught by experienced professional Mary Ann Carr Wilson. $395 tuition. Rooms have been reserved at Vallambrosa retreat center.

We can help you with teaching tools needed to offer a fun, interactive, faith-enriching camp grounded in the timeless sung prayer of the Church, Gregorian chant.


Strategies for success

This workshop is aimed at assisting music teachers and choir directors with:
  • Adding variety to or launching a youth program
  • Special sessions in how to conduct chant
  • Choosing repertoire appropriate for age levels and abilities
  • Chant games that build teamwork
  • Aiding struggling young voices on a timeline
  • Working with two or more groups at a time
  • Mentoring assistants and future choir directors
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Pacing fun and training toward a goal