Brian Doyle: “Stuffed with Holiness Like a Turducken”

Brian Doyle was a writer’s writer. He never became exactly famous, except to the other artists whom he inspired and who admired him. His honors include the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature, a Catholic Book Award, and three Pushcart Prizes:

“So yes, I suppose that’s true about Catholicism and language. I have always thought, as Bruce Springsteen has said (good Catholic boy as a youth, you know, Saint Rose of Lima Parish in New Jersey) that to grow up Catholic is to be especially lucky as an artist, because you are soaked in miracle and mystery and symbol and smoke and the confident assertion that every moment is pregnant with miracle and possibility and stuffed with holiness like a turducken.”

Brian Doyle at The Fine Delight: Book and Interviews Series, Contemporary Catholic Literature

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