Red (On Learning of a Suicide)

Sing sanguine seraphim,
make holy our sorrows,
singe them sweet.


Cleanse the
red remainders of a day gone wrong,
splattered like a Jackson Pollack
against a sheetrock wall.


Turn back the page of evening
to pierce the Prozac heart,
distant and dulled.
Pour out impious madness
and return the red river to its veins.


Tamara Nicholl-Smith
United Airlines Flight 0487

Tamara Nicholl-Smith’a poetry has been featured on two Albuquerque city bus panels, one parking meter, numerous radio shows, and on a spoken-word classical piano fusion CD and in several anthologies including; From the Page to the Stage and Back Again, Harwood Anthology, A Bigger Boat: The Unlikely Success of the Albuquerque Poetry Slam Scene, and Enchantment of the Ordinary (forthcoming from Mutabilis Press).

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