New Poem: Simeon Speaks

Simeon Speaks

One foot slipped out
when I reached and lay
him over the water
for purification.


When I reached and lay
his little body
for purification,
he was light, barely there.


His little body
glowed—a ripe peach—
he was light, barely there,
unsmiling, with dark eyes.


Glowing—a ripe peach—
he met my gaze, all
unsmiling, with dark eyes.
I saw—I knew—Eternity.


He met my gaze, and
then his mother’s eyes lifted.
I knew—I saw—Eternity,
and I saw swords.


Then his mother’s eyes lifted
that heart of hers,
and I saw swords,
blood dripping,


that heart of hers,
pierced and suffering.
Blood dripping
and the babe now bleeding,


pierced and suffering
in my arms, O God,
and the babe now bleeding
over Israel, over me.


In my arms, O God,
Your Messiah,
over Israel, over me,
one foot slipping out.

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