Hymn: Cathedral of Light

Upon this rock

Our cross and spire,    

built in a land

of quake and fire.

Fragile as glass,

bright as the air,

the angled walls

folded in prayer.

Under the sun

of western skies,

we re-enact

the sacrifice.

Bread of the earth,

fruit of the vine,

the tortured flesh

revealed divine.

The ancient words

fill this new space,

redeeming us

with unearned grace.


this crystal spire

built in a land

of quake and fire.


Dana Gioia is an American  poet, literary critic, translator, essayist and libretticist. He served as Chairman of the National Endowment of the Arts and California’s Poet Laureate. Gioia’s poetry has been anthologized in The Norton Anthology of Poetry and The Oxford Book of American Poetry. Dana Gioia’s latest book is a translation of Seneca’s play “Seneca: The Madness of Hercules” published by Wiseblood Books.

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