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Liturgy Revival

“Musicians and composers, conductors and singers of choirs, liturgical animators, can make a major contribution to the renewal, especially quality, of sacred music and liturgical chant.” -Pope Francis

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Father Samuel Weber

From the Ignatius Pew Missal to the Propers of the Mass and beyond, Gregorian chant composer and St. Patrick’s seminary professor Father Samuel Weber can help your choir or your parish chant the Mass.

Sacred Music and Divine Worship

The Benedict XVI Schola

Our Teaching Choir director Rebekah Wu also conducts the Benedict XVI Schola and four-voice SATB choir that assists at Mass at liturgies Archbishop Cordileone performs. 

Mass For Life

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Requiem Mass for Homeless

Join us in November as we and our homeless brothers and sisters pray for all who died on the streets.

Sacred Music and Divine Worship

Benedict XVI Teaching Choir

In the greater Bay Area, music director Rebekah Wu and her talented singers will come to your parish and teach your choir and congregation how to chant beautifully together. The first people who asked for our help was the San Quentin Catholic chaplain. Now we have a San Quentin Schola singing a Latin mass once a quarter. Our second gig was with the Missionaries of Charity who asked for our help to sing litanies for their feast days, to help teach chant to the children in their after school programs, and to assist them in singing for the Mass for the Homeless Deceased. Then the requests from ordinary parishes in San Francisco and Oakland started pouring in, from Star of the Sea to St. Ignatius. We work in both forms, on request, but mostly in the ordinary form, in ordinary parishes like yours. Email if you want to know more or get started.

Children and Teen Chant Camps

Children and teens love to learn to sing the Mass, and we can help you make it happen. The Benedict XVI Institute of the Archdiocese of San Francisco invites teachers, musicians, choir directors, and leaders of sacred music to learn all the essentials needed to lead a chant camp for young Catholics. This three-day course, at the beautiful Vallombrosa Retreat Center, is taught by experienced professional Mary Ann Carr Wilson. Tuition is $300. Join other professionals in learning how to offer a fun, interactive, faith-enriching camp for youth that is grounded in the timeless sung prayer of the Church, Gregorian chant. More info here.

San Quentin Schola

When the Catholic chaplain asked us to give a sacred music concert at San Quentin prison, we said yes. Then we asked the men if they’d like to form a Latin Mass schola: 35 said yes. Praise God!

Mass of the Americas

The Mass of the Americas, an intertwined tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe (patroness of Mexico and all the Americas) and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (patroness of the United States) is going on an international Marian unity tour. First stop: Tijuana.

Festival of Marian Hymns

Have brunch on Mother’s Day then bring Mom and the family to sing to Our Mother:  A prayer service (not a concert) featuring gorgeous hymns you can sing and gorgeous hymns the Benedict XVI schola sings.

Requiem Mass

Each November, the Church honors first all her saints, and then asks us to pray for all the dead souls. This is a great chance to honor and pray for your own beloved dead.